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April 23   Wednesday
29 yo cowboy a detoxing 12 Stepper Robyn's Blog
Lyle Thor My friend Lyle is a 5th generation farmer. He has a marketing degree (partly thanks to yours truly, as I was once his professor). He lives and works in Boston and bears an uncanny resemblance to Jesus. But he grew up in a very small farming community in Utah, the youngest of a big family, where he says, ...
Lyle from Springville healthy habits 2 more images...
Bethenny Show with Ani Phyo Ani's Raw Food Kitchen
Ani Phyo, wellness expert and author of “Ani’s Raw Food Detox,” and Dr. Joy Dubost, registered dietician and nutritionist, hash it out in a raw food detox diet debate! video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player We celebrated my national TV appearance at a viewing party yesterday in downtown LA at the Bunker Hill Bar and Grill, where all their monitors were tuned ...
bunkerhill1 photo 5
What I'm Loving Wednesday! Ginger is the New Pink
Happy Wednesday! I've got a lot of catching up to do so here is what I am loving from this Wednesday and last! ;) When I was house sitting at my Mother-in-law's, I spent sometime at my parent's house. Their dog Eddie got a haircut and I couldn't help but giggle! ;)Love that T brings me home exotic fruit as ...
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Improve Immunity With Nature’s Nourishment Live Love Fruit
Your immune system is responsible for protecting you from illnesses and infections. When the body is under threat, this triggers an immune response, which helps you to fight off illness and remain fit and healthy. If you have a compromised immune system due to illness or your immune system is not as effective as it should be due to lifestyle ...
2429879_blog Richard Buckley
5 Foods that Actually Fight Wrinkles The Renegade Health Show
A study actually found that watercress can help fade your fine lines and wrinkles. You know that good food can create good skin. But did you know that some foods can actually help fade fine lines and wrinkles? If this is your pet peeve, we have some solutions for you. These five hard-hitters actually have some scientific evidence behind their ...
Foods Prevent Wrinkles
New York Trip – An Authentic Food Experience Off My Diet – Part 1 Kristen's Raw
Katz Delicatessen (NYC) Pastrami Rueban Sandwich Although I don’t like to think of how I eat as a “diet” …  sometimes that word just works. Today, I’m sharing with you a meal I had in New York recently, where I went off the rails completely in exchange for a true New York foodie experience. Was it worth it? Oh yes. ...
Katz Delicatessen (NYC) Pastrami Rueban Sandwich
Raw Recipe: Coconut Yogurt With Hints Of Ginger Tera Warner
 Coconut Yogurt With Hints Of Ginger from Inner Vore Blog by Erin Bodashefsky Satisfyingly easy for all! How rewarding it can be to make your own meals from scratch! This simple raw/vegan yogurt is something that you can make in a big batch and can be kept in individual containers for multiple days throughout the week. It is good as a ...
yogurt434x289 herbal add pic
April 22   Tuesday
It Should Have Been Simple AWESOME TO BE RAWSOME
Today was the day my cousin was getting her computer after I’d wiped it clean and started over. I had my devotions, took a shower and got dressed, then I called to see if the time was right. She said to come on over. It was raining—not hard but hard enough for an umbrella. I got my laptop case, stowed ...
Five Ingredient Red Curry Coconut Sauce or Dressing Choosing Raw
I didn’t intend for this recipe to be blog-post-worthy. I was throwing together a simple lunch bowl–leftover brown rice, fresh spinach, steamed broccoli, leftover white beans–and realized that I was running low on dressing. This is a rarity in my home; I’m a little dressing-obsessed, and I tend to make a few at the start of every work week (usually ...
IMG_7195 red curry coconut sauce red curry coconut sauce 1 more image...
TRADER JOE’S GIVES BACK TO THE COMMUNITY – not just a good source for organic food – they donate to the less fortunate PRETTY SMART RAW FOOD IDEAS
POST #1010 I first heard about Trader Joe’s on a raw food mailing list. At that time, we didn’t have Trader Joe’s in NYC. When the first one opened up here, I flew there to see it and buy stuff.  Since then, Trader Joe’s stores have popped up all over the city. I would like to work there, if truth ...
Mini Semi-Raw Chocolate Cakes (New Video!) Gastrawnomica
Hi friends! A few weeks ago I shared one of my newest recipe videos on my facebook page. Right now I’ll be posting the videos in spanish, but don’t worry. I will make more videos in english soon. The recipe is super simple and you only need a couple of ingredients. These goodies are raw, ...
Chia Breakfast Porridge (Vegan, Paleo, Nut-Free) Raw Foods Witch
Byline: Bryn Lutes. There’s something incredibly comforting about the statement, “Made in a peanut- and gluten-free facility.” That comfort ends when in order for that statement to be present, I need to be holding a box of processed something. Gotta love the allergic life. The Struggle is Real (Food) In my household, even a trip to the produce section requires an ...
Chia Breakfast Porridge coach bryn 150
Big Body, Small Brain: How Excess Weight Affects Brain Health The Renegade Health Show
Studies show that excess weight results in older, smaller brains. Most everyone has a good understanding that carrying around extra weight is unhealthy. Here’s one more reason to drop excess pounds: the fear of losing your mind! How Excess Weight Affects the Brain The visceral fat, which is wrapped around internal organs like the liver, kidneys, pancreas, heart, and intestines, ...
Small Brain
Supplements do not grow on trees RawGosia
As a keen observer, I noticed a number of delightful patterns reoccurring within the raw food communities, since I first joined forums over a decade ago. Specifically, certain ideas go through phases of being born, then embraced as a popular trend, to be completely abandoned in the end. Some of them are recycled from time to time. Of course, it ...
E=mc^2 figs
Supplements do not grow on trees RawGosia
“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” – Albert Einstein As a keen observer, I noticed a number of delightful patterns reoccurring within the raw food communities, since I first joined forums over a decade ago. Specifically, certain ideas go through phases of being born, then embraced as a popular trend, to be completely abandoned ...
E=mc^2 figs
What If It’s Not My Fault? Tera Warner
What If It’s Not My Fault? by Tera Warner Eh he he he hem. I received a lot of interesting comments and questions in response to my post about “Looking the Tiger in the Eye.” The questions went a bit like this: “What if someone did you wrong, or hurt you and doesn’t want to take responsibility for their actions ...
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High School Student Killed Hanging Yourself Raw Curls
FT ( 15 ) , a first grader High School ( SMA ) State Tellusiattingnge Bone regency , South Sulawesi , was found dead hanging himself . FT end his life in the parents' room at the Village Matuju , District Awangpone using the rope swing belongs to his brother and three pillows as a footstool . The incident began ...
Today I want to talk about healing yourself from a different angle to eating raw foods.  As you may have seen from my video the other day, my family and I use “grounding” or “earthing” sheets when we sleep. Since then a lot of people have asked me what these are and where they can get them.  I just want ...
earthing earthing
April 21   Monday
Radio Show: The Natural Ingredients That Can Keep Skin From Aging Too Quickly Dr. Ritamarie's Fresh'n Fun Living Blog
Listen to the show here: Click Here To Listen Date: Wednesday April 23, 2014 Time: 3:30pm PT/4:30pm MT/5:30pm CT/6:30pm ET Length: 30 Minutes Host and Guest Speaker: Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo interviews Annemarie Gianni. In this show you’ll learn: How to read the labels on your skin care products, and what may not be listed. Strategies to preserve your beauty and ...
project peace, love, and calm thoughts and feelings annmariegianni
Near-zero levels of arsenic found to significantly impair intelligence and reasoning of U.S. schoolchildren NaturalNews.com

Military suicides: Psychiatry's greatest secret experiment NaturalNews.com

Roundup herbicide's health risks recognized by Danish scientists NaturalNews.com

The 5 most prevalent toxins destroying the body NaturalNews.com

Does vitamin D make you smarter? NaturalNews.com

Low-carb vegan diet improves cardiovascular risk factors NaturalNews.com

The 5 common snacking mistakes that are making you fat NaturalNews.com

How to alleviate fatigue with herbal medicine NaturalNews.com

U.S. government environmentally poisoned Iraq with toxic waste burn pits NaturalNews.com

Beware of the latest mystery sweetener additive to be tested on the public NaturalNews.com

Drinking coffee reduces chances of dying from liver cirrhosis NaturalNews.com

Eating watermelon rind may boost libido, provide other health benefits NaturalNews.com

Drop the Easter Bunny fairy tales: children lied to by adults are more likely to cheat and lie NaturalNews.com

Do you have a histamine intolerance? NaturalNews.com

Six artificial colors have been linked to hyperactivity in children, and three of them are still legal in the United States NaturalNews.com

U.S. Navy unveils railgun that can launch low-cost projectiles at Mach 7 with range of 100 miles NaturalNews.com

Why Emerging ' Troops Rice Wrap ' ? Raw Curls
There is a unique phenomenon ahead of presidential and vice presidential elections on July 9 , the rise of cyber warriors in the realm of cyberspace. Vice Chairman of Great Indonesia Movement Party , Fadli Zon referred to them as ' troops rice wrapper ' ( Panasbung ) or cyber mercenary army . Fadli Zon admitted , Gerindra often targeted ...
For days, my Mii has been reminding me about DD’s birthday. “DD’s birthday is coming up. Are you planning a party? Maybe a special gift?” Well, what my Mii doesn’t realize is that DD is clear across the country and there’s no way I could throw a party. I did send her a gift and a card and an ecard ...
How Inflammation Affects The Body Live Love Fruit
Inflammation controls every aspect of our life. If you or someone you know suffers from ongoing, chronic pain, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, ADD/ADHD, peripheral neuropathy, migraines, cancer, thyroid issues or dental issues, you are often dealing with inflammation. Instead of getting to the root cause, doctors, when presented with patients suffering from the aforementioned problems, give their patients pharmaceutical drugs ...
shutterstock_116374378 inflammationbody-01
How the Feds Suckered Klamath Basin Farm Wars
It all started with the sucker fish. The con, that is. I can see it all now. A group of robber barons and their flunkies sitting down at a table and deciding just what ruse they will use to grab all of the water and land in the country, and for Oregon, it's the sucker.
10 dicas e receitas com frutas . ( uma receita para varias receitas , versão frutas.) REVOLUÇÃO NATURAL - ROCK N' RAW
Easter Eating Ginger is the New Pink
Hey All! I hope all of you that celebrate had a wonderful Easter! We sure did! We held dinner at my house and it was beautiful! Sorry for the lack of posting lately, I have been really busy, but I have a ton of food to catch up on that will hopefully post by the end of the week. This ...
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Watermelons are here! Crazy Banana Lady
Yesterday’s food and exercise: Woke at 6:30a.m. Made fresh OJ with mango. Biked 4.5 miles to church. BREAKFAST: 64 oz. fresh squeezed OJ blended with 4 atalfo mangos. Biked 4.5 miles home from church. Biked 4 miles to help friend with yard sale and moving. Helped friend pack and move for 3hrs. Biked 4 miles ...
April 21, 2014 Crazy Banana Lady
Today’s gratitudes: - I am grateful for a day off. - I am grateful to myself for gardening. - I am grateful to Trace for his support.
April 20, 2014 Crazy Banana Lady
Today’s gratitudes: - I am grateful to Savana for being so much fun. - I am grateful to myself for being a hard worker. - I am grateful to Trace for going to fill up the water jugs for me yesterday.
April 19, 2014 Crazy Banana Lady
Today’s gratitudes: - I am grateful for bicycles. - I am grateful to myself for working daily on being a better mom. - I am grateful to Trace for being a great partner.
April 18, 2014 Crazy Banana Lady
Today’s gratitudes: - I am grateful for gardens. - I am grateful to myself for going to bed early last night. - I am grateful to Trace for sending me texts telling me how wonderful I am when he’s at work.
How I Talk to Baby Boy About Nutrition Robyn's Blog
Tennyson skiing at Sundance last year. One of the things I like best about the way I was raised is that my mom talked to us like adults. No down-talking. No dumbing down her rather formidable vocabulary. She figured if we didn’t know a word, we could ask what it meant, or look it up. Or just learn through exposure ...
Tennyson in Sponge Bob ski gear. Teen Talk 3 more images...
5 Health Problems Linked with Low-Level Pesticide Exposure The Renegade Health Show – Fun and Educational TV on Raw Food, Vegan Diet, Healthy Living
Though pesticides are dangerous at high levels, recent studies have also suggested they may cause health problems at low levels of exposure, as well. For years, we’ve been assured that the small amount of pesticides we ingest from foods won’t harm our health, but recent research is casting doubt on that theory. It’s true that high levels of exposure are ...
A Day In The Life Of The 21-Day Green Smoothie Detox! Tera Warner
21-Day Green Smoothie Detox: 1-Day Sample Menu - by Rachelle Fordyce Have you ever thought about taking the 21-Day Green Smoothie Detox program, but are sitting on the fence and need some additional info to help you decide? Perhaps the thought of only drinking green smoothies for three whole weeks seems a little too bland and boring. Fear not! You ...
A Day In The Life Of The 21-Day Green Smoothie Detox! Antioxidant Recharge Smoothie Recipe Pick-Me-Up Green Smoothie Recipe 4 more images...
Renegade Health Radio: Is Soylent the Food of the Future? The Renegade Health Show – Fun and Educational TV on Raw Food, Vegan Diet, Healthy Living
Soylent; Is This The “Future of Food?” Listen here now: Click the play button to start the call: Download Is Soylent the Food of the Future? Why you’ll probably hear about this new product that calls itself the “future of food.” The one REAL food you could probably live on (and which takes no time to prepare). Why they’ll never ...
April 20   Sunday
Eating legumes improves cardiovascular health NaturalNews.com

Enterprising community aims for total food self-sufficiency with free edible landscapes NaturalNews.com

Experimental GSK drug makes patients smell bad, fails to stop heart attacks NaturalNews.com

Navy plans to test Treasure Island for radiation, despite previously claiming there were 'no known public health hazards' NaturalNews.com

Naturally energize to keep going and going NaturalNews.com

NASA to launch twin into space to test effects of space travel NaturalNews.com

Allergan skin cream uses human foreskin growth factors that could cause tumors, legal complaint alleges NaturalNews.com

The challenge of diagnosing Lyme disease NaturalNews.com

Many flours and baked goods contain potassium bromate, a carcinogen that has been banned across Europe NaturalNews.com

Myths about a raw food diet debunked NaturalNews.com

Texas woman becomes weight loss sensation after ditching diets, losing 160 pounds with healthy food choices NaturalNews.com

Psychiatry's covert agenda exposed in new documentary NaturalNews.com

Canada decides not to allow release of GM alfalfa this spring NaturalNews.com

Retractions of dishonest scientific papers rose 1,900% in nine years NaturalNews.com

Seven daily portions of fruits and vegetables lower all-cause risk of death more than 40 percent NaturalNews.com

FDA study claiming BPA safety 'borders on scientific misconduct,' scientists say NaturalNews.com

Man, 98, free from lung cancer for over 30 years: eats foods from his own garden, never had chemotherapy NaturalNews.com

British government suddenly trying to force citizens to drink toxic fluoride - even if you have no teeth! NaturalNews.com

Marjoram can prevent gastric ulcers while showing promise in fighting breast cancer NaturalNews.com

The coming California Dust Bowl NaturalNews.com

New study says junk food makes people lazy as well as overweight NaturalNews.com

Over 250 million Americans are addicted to 'food drugs' and suffering the consequences NaturalNews.com

How sleep and hormones affect cancer risk NaturalNews.com

Soaking meats in beer makes them safer to eat from the grill NaturalNews.com

Pet treats found contaminated with heavy metals - Health Ranger releases shocking data on lead, mercury and cadmium in dog and cat treats NaturalNews.com

Russia won't import GMOs, prime minister says NaturalNews.com

'Environmental catastrophe' declared in Chile as arsenic contamination detected in water at up to 360 times accepted levels NaturalNews.com

Combat insomnia with tryptophan-rich foods NaturalNews.com

Anyone surprised? Processed food makes people fat and lazy, study suggests NaturalNews.com

The Cane Juice Chronicles: 31 Day Bikram Yoga Challange The Raw Food Nerd
Before I get into the deets about the challenge, let me give you a little background info. Bikram yoga is a series of 26 postures and two breathing exercises that takes place in a room heated to 105 degrees with at least 40% humidity. It requires a balance of both strength and flexibility; it will test your endurance, your stamina, ...
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Not a whole lot to report today. I woke early and since I didn’t want to, I donned the mask and went back to sleep. It was 8:45 when I next opened my eyes. Since there are no longer any little birdies in the nest, I don’t do anything “Easter-ish”. When DD and I were visiting today, I told her ...
Personal Update From Veronica Low Fat Vegan Chef
You might have noticed I’ve been less active lately with my website and my mailings, and I wanted let you know what’s been going on. I feel really badly for not creating as much content as I normally do and it’s because I’ve been dealing with several personal struggles in my life. I hope that by sharing with you, you ...
Glowing Complexion: How to Achieve It Raw Food Blog
Have you noticed how some peoples’ skin looks really clear and glows as if from within, while in others it appears to be dull and almost lifeless? For the most part, the difference in appearance is due to the different amount of light that reflects from the skin to the eyes. The more light is reflected, the more beautiful the ...
Glowing Complexion: How to Achieve It 1 more image...
Happy Easter Chocolate Adventures of Raw Goddess Heathy
Happy Easter! I hope you're having a fantastic weekend, wherever you may be. Its warm here on the West Coast. The grass is green, the flowers are blooming, and the birds are chirping. I'm spending the holiday with friends and family. I can't ask for anything more. A little something chocolate was in order for the holiday and I made ...
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